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Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)- Our IICRC certified Carpet Cleaners will clean your carpets using our Three Pass Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) system. This carpet cleaning system removes more soiling than other carpet cleaning system.

Strip and Wax Floors

Strip and Wax

Floors greatly influence how your patrons view your facility. If your floors don't "look clean" the entire building looks soiled. With this service we actually strip the floor completely instead of scrubbing and re coating. 

Scrub and Re-coat

This service removes the top layers of wax that may be soiled and then replaces them with several new layers of wax to give your floors that nice shine at less cost than a Strip And Wax service. This is a great floor maintenance service.  


Regular Burnishing of waxed floors is an essential part of keeping your floors looking shiny and clean. Frequency will vary depending on floor traffic. We generally recommend this service once every quarter for low traffic areas and once per month for high traffic areas.

Commercial Floor Scrubbing

One of our IICRC certified cleaning technicians will work with you to create a regular cleaning plan that meets your needs.You can take advantage of our Commercial Floor Scrubbing service as a one time Specialty Service, combine with a Construction Clean or as part of your Facilities Maintenance Cleaning Program. This service works well for cement floors, Epoxy floors etc. Please contact us for a free estimate.